Busting Myths about Cannabis Use

June 30, 2021

You may have heard the myths about how marijuana is dangerous, that it’s a ‘gateway drug,’ and many more myths. We’re here to bust those myths for you. Read below to learn fact from fiction:

Myth: Cannabis is a dangerous drug.

Fact: According to studies done by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of Pharmacology, marijuana is less harmful alcohol, tobacco, and, of course, drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

Myth: Cannabis is completely harmless.

Fact: If you heavily use marijuana, it can be harmful. Heavy users are at risk for some of the same health effects as cigarette users, such as bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses. These are risks, however, for smoking. Vapes, according to a study done by Harm Reduction Journal, decrease those respiratory symptoms.

Myth: Cannabis is a ‘gateway’ drug.

Fact: According to a report done by the Institute of Medicine, they found no conclusive evidence that the use of marijuana is linked to subsequent use of harder drugs.

Myth: Most cannabis users use it heavily.

Fact: According to the book, “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know,” between 40 and 50 percent of people who have tried marijuana report fewer than 12 days of use and one-third of marijuana users report using it for 10 days or less.

Myth: Cannabis use leads to dependence or addiction.

Fact: According to the National Institutes of Health, nine percent of marijuana users become dependent on it, compared to 15 percent of cocaine users and 24 percent of heroin users.

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